God has given the greatest gift to the world—eternal life—and that life is in his Son, Jesus Christ 
There is no greater gift than this to be given

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 The Original Comforting Cross
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The Story Behind This Cross
Wall hanging cross
HomeContact UsNew: StoriesStory Behind This Cross

This Cross has been inspired by Saint Kateri Tekawitha because of her love for Jesus
​I AM with you always
Wall cross
Wall Hanging Cross
​I was on my way to Idaho early one morning when I heard on the radio that a woman had been struck and killed by a fast-moving truck in a ShopKo parking lot. When I heard her name, it struck close to home. I knew this woman, as I had worked several times for her and her husband. She and her husband, Lee, were both in their eighties. What I always noticed about the two was their love for each other, and how Barbara took care of Lee, who had become frail due age. They were inseparable. My heart immediately turned to Lee. How do you lose the one you love like that after a half century and more together? The next day, feeling inspired, I made a cross and inscribed on the crossbeam: 

"I AM with you always."

I took the cross to Lee’s home, but as I was walking up to the door, I had a change of heart and turned around. I could not do it. This was the day after his love had died. I gathered my courage once more, returned, and knocked on Lee’s door. One of his daughters answered. "It’s Rich," Lee called out, "let him in." He was in a chair in the middle of the living room, surrounded by his family. I said to him, "Lee, this is for you, from God. He inspired me to make it and bring it over." Lee stood up, gave me a huge and said, as tears fell from his face, "This is the best gift that I could have received today, I will cherish it, Rich. This reminds me that both my Lord and my Barbara will always be with me."
 I began this ministry on that day.