God has given the greatest gift to the world—eternal life—and that life is in his Son, Jesus Christ 
There is no greater gift than this to be given

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When it comes to special crosses this one makes a fantastic gift for Easter and Christmas, or for those who are ill, maybe hospitalized. Those loosing faith. Those who have lost a loved one. Those facing depression. Friends and family, your children and or grand children. Your pastor or priest . No two crosses are exactly alike. 

11"x7" wall hanging comforting Cross, resin / molded originally  from pine with the bark showing on the sides. Wood grain showing on the front. \ Hand painted cross, very unique.
This Cross makes for the perfect gift for just about anyone. Just $34.95​

Wall hanging cross
HomeContact UsNew: StoriesStory Behind This Cross

This Cross has been inspired by Saint Kateri Tekawitha because of her love for Jesus
​I AM with you always
Wall cross
Wall Hanging Cross
 The Original Comforting Cross
The Story Behind This Cross
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